Happy Valentine’s Day !! Free Pattern

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers!

I’m afraid I have not slept yet, and no, alas it was not due to a romantic trist with the hubby…I wish it were that! Nope, I have been working on the Crochet Liberation Front Website and trying to re-do my secrets of yarn (c) Website…Getting there. Today is the day! I tell you if I have to CODE ALL DAY LONG!

Anyway in honor of the great day of hearts here’s another cute little freebee pattern!

I hope you enjoy!


Sharp Scissors 

Flannel (any color, design, cotton flannel is best, or a loose weave cotton fabric)

Crochet thread of choice

Size 1.75 mm hook (with as sharp a point on the hook as you can have)

Polyfill or Cotton wadding

(A little lavendar oil or scent of choice is nice for sachets)

 Using the little template heart here (click on the picture to get the full size)


Fold material in half, pin heart template to fabric, cut around template (leave about a 1/8th inch allowance). Two equal heart shapes should be achieved.

With crochet thread make slipnot, leaving a three or four inch tail. 

Holding both heart pieces together, right sides facing you, push crochet hook through both layers of fabric at top left edge of heart. Draw thread through and slipstitch, sc into same space (working over the top of the 3 inch tail to secure thread). Insert hook into fabric again (approx 1/16th of an inch) draw thread through sc.  Repeat around heart until you reach the point of the heart, at the point make 3sc into same space. Then continue edging heart in sc as before until you read the lower RIGHT corner of the heart shape (just as the right lobe begins).

Add polyfill/cotton wadding, dab oil onto filling. Stuff the heart full enough to fill out the shape, but not strain the seams. Then, continue edging the heart in sc as before, make 3 sc into same space at the point on top of heart, continue with sc edging until you finish the seam. Insert hook into first sc, slip stitch. Bind off, with sewing needle weave in ends.


To make loop for a hanging ornament, take complimentary thread, or ribbon, thread through top center point of heart, and  knot.



About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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