How to Make Crochet Ribbing Redux

 This is a copy and job of my article in June about how to make Crochet Ribbing. It’s been quite popular, but hard to find as the posts move on by. So, I’m putting it on it’s own page. Please remember that stitches will expand through use and wear, so chose a yarn that holds a nice firm stitch to start with, if it is too loose at the start of the project, it won’t get any tighter after you are done (unless you plan on felting them!)

OK… I still can’t find my camera…but I will and then there will be lots of new photos…until then try this little crochet exercise on for size.

Ribbing can be made in crochet. I find it works out best when making a flat piece, such as in my sock patterns (Bec Sock…see that post with the photo).

This will make a nice sized swatch and give you some experience.

Yarn: A decent wool or superwash sock yarn or sport weight yarn and a d-g hook (depends on your tension. Remember tight tension? Bigger hook. Loose tension?Smaller hook.)

Base chain: ch 21

row one: hdc into second chain from hook, hdc into each stitch to end of row, ch 1, turn.

row two: hdc into back loop of each stitch, ch 1 and turn

 if you were looking down at your stitches from a birds eyeview they look like this < the back loop is the top of the <. Just insert your hook through that part of the stitch.</em>

Row 3: hdc into back loop of each stitch to end of row ch1, turn.<em>  Repeat row 2-3 until you have a swatch you you feel comfortable with.

 This is just for practice…then have fun with it! To see an example of how the ribbing can work in crochet, in hdc here are some samples. A, C, and H pictured are itty bitty ribbing swatches.aughdc1.jpg (click on the link for photo reference)


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