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It’s been a while…

I haven’t written much here, in fact it’s been a long while. I feel kinda bad about that, but my last post here was sometime around my father in a law being diagnosed with cancer and then passing away. Last … Continue reading

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Spinning & Crochet in Portland!

Wow, have I been a bad bloggin girl! July! Last posting in July! Sheesh! Sorry readers! I try to blog several times a week on the CLF Blog, but this one gets neglected! I apologize! Lately, I’ve been crocheting away … Continue reading

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Beary Backpack

Beary Backpack Originally uploaded by CLF Fearless? Leader. Ok, Christmas is long past, but I made this as a Christmas present. The two stuffed animals were “rescues” from a thrift store. I’ve blogged my doll and bear rescue passion before. … Continue reading

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Gettng Ready for Portland, again! YAY!

This time The Knit and Crochet Show is being held in the spring in Portland, Oregon. I’m really looking forward to the trip. My daughter and I are going together, via the train to stay at the DoubleTree Hotel. I’ve … Continue reading

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Monday March 16th, First Annual Crochet Awards!!

The Crochet Liberation Front is sponsoring the First Annual Crochet Awards (The Flamies) on March 16th 2009 on the fabulous crochet podcast/radio show Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple! Join Mary Beth and Laurie Wheeler as they name off the … Continue reading

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Gathering Wool

Oh my, I’ve neglected this blog…I’m sorry…SIGH. Partially because I’ve been busy with the Crochet Liberation Front and the first annual Crochet Award nominating process soon the voting starts! Please join us on that…and partially because well, I just haven’t … Continue reading

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A note or three about substituting yarns in patterns…

So I was on Ravelry.com the other day, yeah I know how unusual right? Don’t I live there? Anywho…. I was on Ravelry.com looking through my projects, and saw that my Looks Knit Great Fit pattern had two other projects … Continue reading

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