Another Easy Pattern! Headbands/Wristbands

crocheted headbandThese are fun to make. Any stretchy kind of yarn will do, but I really like Phildar’s Eponge! One Skein Phildar Eponge (any color) f hook (or smaller if you like) Make a base chain about 11 stiches, measuring about 2 inches. Row 1: hdc into second chain from hook, hdc into each stitch, ch1 turn. Row 2: hdc into each stitch, ch 1 turn. Do this until your headband fits your head  just measure on yourself. Remember it stretches, so once you can stretch it closed without too much strain time to stop crocheting.  Hold ends together, crochet seam using sc. Bind off weave in ends. For wrist bands, make the base chain about 2 1/2 to 3″ wide, more for a man.  Easy peasy!!!!  


2 Responses to Another Easy Pattern! Headbands/Wristbands

  1. Duvina says:

    Can I choose what color yarn I want to use or do I have to use that blue?

  2. camanomade says:

    Good question. 🙂
    Phildar has many colors available from which to choose. I highly suggest checking out the link in the bottom left corner of your screen. Their website has wonderful ideas for knitters, though they are sorely lacking in crochet patterns.

    Pity as this yarn in particular is ideally suited to our medium.

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