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Gathering Wool

Oh my, I’ve neglected this blog…I’m sorry…SIGH. Partially because I’ve been busy with the Crochet Liberation Front and the first annual Crochet Award nominating process soon the voting starts! Please join us on that…and partially because well, I just haven’t … Continue reading

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Very Sad News…

I had one of the toughest conversations of my life last night. As Superindendant of the Fleece and Handspinning dept. at the Stawood Camano Fair, this time of year I am calling up demonstrators and participants finding out how I can … Continue reading

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Cama Beach State Park Grand Opening Celebration! June 21st!

Hey there Cama Beach State Park opens this June 21st! This is so exciting! It’s the first new state park in Washington State in 13yrs. I’m rather invested in the whole park opening since my hubby is the Area Manager … Continue reading

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A day at Madrona Fiber Festival

Ok… I have a mixed review of the Fiber Festival, at least from a crochet afficionado perspective.  1) Seeing Myra was awesome, Myra Wood is someone I can’t brag about enough. She is talented, fun, professional, and one of the … Continue reading

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