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A note or three about substituting yarns in patterns…

So I was on Ravelry.com the other day, yeah I know how unusual right? Don’t I live there? Anywho…. I was on Ravelry.com looking through my projects, and saw that my Looks Knit Great Fit pattern had two other projects … Continue reading

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Women’s work…

Ok, crochet is a transgender activity, but it is still considered by many to be the one of those activities held in the category known as “Women’s Work”.  There are many fine men who crochet, even some PHENOMINAL designers who … Continue reading

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What’s up in April?

I have been remiss, I bow to you my fellow fiber lovers!  I have been running like a mad woman with spring attempting to sprung. I am spinning, albeit slowly, it seems my shoulders are at their end of being … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Yarn Project(c) Crochet Edition

So, how’s that book writing going?  It’s going well. I have to reformat all of my tables, because foolishly I had thre quarters of them done, and realised that it would be better to have them formatted in landscape versus … Continue reading

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