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Beary Backpack

Beary Backpack Originally uploaded by CLF Fearless? Leader. Ok, Christmas is long past, but I made this as a Christmas present. The two stuffed animals were “rescues” from a thrift store. I’ve blogged my doll and bear rescue passion before. … Continue reading

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So what happened to the book on yarn?

You know I’ve been wondering that myself. I think firstly, my knowledge base of crocheters changed a bit. My knowledge of what would be really important versus academic interest changed, and frankly, I’ve gotten kind of steam rolled into other … Continue reading

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Broomstick Lace

Broomstick lace has eluded me for five years. I have tried off an on to follow the instructions in one of my vintage stitch guides, to no avail. Finally I decided enough was enough, and I ponied up for a … Continue reading

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Crochet, Library, and so on…

I have been a busy little beaver crocheting for the new CLF Book, and trying to save my local library. The library is only a “pilot project” until June of 2010. Our friends group, Camano Island Library Friends is currently … Continue reading

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Alternative yarn….

So, here I’m going through what my friend and I lovingly called the “Feed Store” which is actually called the “Country Store” (of Skagit Valley Farmers Supply Coop)….cause they always have cool gifts and interesting items for the hard to … Continue reading

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Long time no blog

Hey folks…It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, but the CLF has eaten my life 🙂 In a good and fabulous way. But it is here that I think I will order my thoughts about crochet and yarn here and … Continue reading

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Wow…the book is released!

Ok, you know that crochet book you’ve always looked for but could never find? You know with 36 patterns as well as articles on techniques and relative information? The Crochet Liberation Front has totally hit a home run with its … Continue reading

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