Crocheting with Textured Yarn…


Originally uploaded by CMHS yarn & designs (laurie wheeler).

Here is a Knot or Knepp yarn. You can find these made by handspinners, or in stores that sell novelty yarn. Many people are afraid of working with textured yarn, but I the holder of the Secrets of Yarn am here to tell you that you have no need to fear this wonderful tactile experience!

Crochet and texture are a marriage made in Nirvana! Some people will tell you that you can’t work detail with textured yarn. Like all generalist statements that is not correct.

Depending on the yarn, you can indeed, using different sized hooks (with a yarn like the one pictured you want to use a hook that works with the part of the yarn with widest diameter), and a variety of techniques. If you don’t have a stitch dictionary, get one. Play and practice!

Here is a swatch of basket weave done out of the same yarn pictured in the skein.


Isn’t that nifty?

Fuzzy yarns, if fine, can be used with decorative or relief stitches, though remember it’s commitment yarn. It’s not easy to rip out!
Bobbly yarns, can be used, but not to best advantage if the bobbles are closely spaced.

Swatch again…and again…and again. If you do nothing else BUT swatch, you will learn more about manipulating yarn than making twenty sweaters out of regular yarn. And heck you can put them into a free form project! Voila! Learning and fun projects wrapped into one nifty deal!

To learn more about fibers and what kinds of projects they work best in no matter what fiber art is your personal favorite! Check out the Secrets of Yarn Project Guide Download, on .99 and the best tool you can have in your project note book!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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