Wow! Webster’s is quick!

Hi all!

I don’t know about you, but I actually got a reply from the Merriam Webster company! WOW! They have recieved “a number of emails”…snicker…. and assured me their on line dictionaries are correct. Which they are, however this definition was taken from one of their Un-Revised Unabridged editions, so I gave them the book information.

This is the link where you can see a whole page of crochet definitions, and in some other languages as well.

So, now what’s next? Who should we contact, nicely and politely mind you…to improve our lot?


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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