Women’s work…

Ok, crochet is a transgender activity, but it is still considered by many to be the one of those activities held in the category known as “Women’s Work”.  There are many fine men who crochet, even some PHENOMINAL designers who just happen to be male. But like other areas that are classified as a “girl thing”  just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it isn’t the common thought, and crochet is a skill that anyone can do. (Like nursing, teaching, home making, care taking, child care, sewing, cooking…though notice not many chefs are female…hmmmm double standards?)

Skill is the key word. It does not take a great deal of innate, in born talent to be very good at making crocheted (or knit, or woven, or handspun) items. It takes time, practice, patience and the WILLINGNESS to learn from mistakes.

A skill is something you LEARN how to do, you can learn from reading and taking classes, but the real way to learn and become proficient at ANY skill is through practice.

Our society has been lied to for years by the stupid boob tube, or as some call it, the Television. Almost all the commercials you see tell you what you “cannot do” with out their product, service or skills. How many of you think making clothes is hard? Come on don’t be shy. It’s not hard, it can be time consuming, but really making clothes is not hard, especially using a sewing machine (though I’m better at hand stitching personally). What is hard is making really well made clothes in fancy, slippery fabric. So, um how many evening gowns a year do you wear?

We have been lied to, that making things takes talent, and skill far above our own. That our home made wares are substandard. That my friend’s is why all the crafts that include making things for one’s self are dying.

Here’s the truth, making things doesn’t take any more time than eating a bowl of popcorn and staring glassy eyed at the television set. Even when you are tired you can knock off a couple of rows of crochet.

The television will have you believe you need all kinds of pills to be healthy, all kinds of diet aids to stay thin, all kind of gadgets to stay fit, all kinds of wonder gadgets to run a house, and the latest fad what have yous to be a functional member of society. They would have you believe that you need all kinds of cleaners to keep a house clean, when in fact most of them aren’t necessary at all.

Don’t make your self less able by buying in to the rubbish you see on t.v. With the economy in the USA not in the best of shape, it’s probably a really good time to learn a new skill. You don’t have to learn them all, you don’t have to be perfect. You could be like me and trade with other people. I trade wool for soap, I trade crochet hats and socks for massages, I trade yarn for candles. I could learn to make soap and candles, but I don’t have time with everything else I do, so I trade with others who do make these things! You can do these things too…

If you want to learn to crochet or get better at your skills check out my easy projects on this blog or my patterns on Lulu.com. If you have questions, contact me.

I’m not a wacko survivalist nut, I just am a huge believer in being self sustaining. That doesn’t mean you have to do it all, it means do what you can, learn what skills you can, and then ask for help when you can’t…be empowered…

Soapboxed out for today!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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  1. Duvina says:

    This one time on tv someone stuck a hook in a wacko nut and……

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