Free Headband Pattern! Fillet Crochet

wipdecember070371.jpg This was submitted by Mary Zeman who is a member of my Free Form Crochet Club!
Filet Crochet HeadbandBy Mary Zeman        This pattern is highly adaptable to many types of yarn.  The most suitable are those with a little stretch, and not too much bulk.  This pattern uses very little yarn, a Scrumblini is perfect!  Choose your hook according to your yarn, measure accordingly.


For the pictured headband:

Yarn: 60-80 yards of pink Wensleydale wool yarn Scrumblinis

Hook: F

Gauge: not essential, but here, it was 14 stitches and 10 rows to 1 inch in sc.

Notions: small silver beads for the ties.

Stitches: sc-inc = single crochet increase, make two stitches in one space

Sc-dec = single chain decrease, make one stitch over two spaces (or three where directed.)

START: Measure your head where you wear a headband: from the base of your neck, behind your ears and over. (write it down!)

Subtract 2 inches for stretch and ends.  This is the length of the filet portion. Write length here:_____________.

FIRST TAIL: Leaving a 3 inch tail for adding the beads later: chain 36.

FIRST END: 3 sc in second ch from hook. Ch1, turn

sc-inc, sc, sc-inc. ch1, turn (5 sc)

sc-inc, sc, sc, sc, sc-inc; (7sc)

FILET: A)  ch 4, turn.  (Turning chain counts as dc + 2ch)

skip one, dc, ch2, skip one, dc, ch2, skip one, dc, ch4, turn

B) skip one, dc, ch2, skip one, dc, ch2, skip one, dc into third chain of turning chain below, ch4, turn

Repeat B until you reach your filet length. (mine has 47 repeats.) 

SECOND END: after last row, do not ch4, just ch1, turn, sc in each sc and ch-sp across.

Ch1 sc-dec, sc, sc, sc, sc-dec;

sc-dec, sc, sc-dec. ch1, turn (5 sc)

sc-dec across last 3 sc (1 sc)

SECOND TAIL: ch35, finish off.

Thread beads on ends, knot securely

If you have enough yarn, sc evenly around outside of piece.

Block, wear, look great.

Copyright, 2007; Free for personal use, and individual sales. All other rights retained.

marykz_marykz (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

Marykz on Ravelry


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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