Ah Winter in Western Washington…such a joy

Ah yes, It’s that time of year. Winter storm season. As my dear friend, and intrepid photographer, Bec Thomas said, “I feel so ripped off. We’re getting a swirly mass of clouds coming off the pacific and they won’t call it a typhoon, and it can’t be called a hurricane. What do they call it? The Pineapple Express.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Sounds more like a Conga line at a New Year’s party than a storm that knocks down 100 ft trees and floods suburban neighborhoods.”

And it’s true. You know for over 24 hours I’ve had to live with 60 mile per hour winds. Sure it’s not 150, but then again I have Doulas Fir trees, Cedars and Madrona trees towering over my house. 

We got over four inches of rain yesturday. My power was only knocked out for about 5 hours, but it will more than likely be knocked out again. Doom and gloom? Nope, they don’t know when the wind will stop. They predicted it would stop yesturday at four pm.

What EVER…that was went a lovely 70 mile an hour gust took out my power. It shook it’s fist at the weather man and mooned us all.

So, if I’m not on and if you free form crocheters don’t get your newsletter it’s cause of this weather. My bandwidth has gone to next to nothing. Currently I’m running on 20kbps of dial up…thank you rain.

HOPEFULLY the stupid wind will shift like they predict it will. What send it elsewhere? Yup. Two freaking winters in a row is enough. I don’t mind 30 mile an hour winds, really that’s normal, I don’t mind 50 mile an hour gusts, those are normal too. It’s this whole, “hey it’s pineapple express time” that has me bothered.

Cause you know what happens next? Snow.

I know you folks in the midwest are saying cry me a river. Well I will. We’re not made for snow I’m at freakin’ sea level, and I have a hill that goes 250 ft above sealevel that I have to go up to get out of my neighbor hook. Try that in ice, because that’s what snow does. It melts and freezes and becomes ice. That means, what? MORE POWER OUTAGES!

Last year we had  12 outages that lasted more than one hour, two that lasted more than 24 hrs. One lasted for 5 days.

I will post my “How to bake cookies on the bbq” next post.

Really, they are yummy. And yeah that’s how bad last year was.

The good news? Are we prepared?

Like boyscouts at a Jamboree.


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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