A little crochet wisdom…

After thirty some odd years of crocheting, I have learned to give myself permission to stop and start over if a design is not working.

Why get all frustrated? Trying to make something work that obviously is NOT working leads to tears, anger, and sometimes throwing out the baby (the design) with the bath water. Now, who wants to waste good yarn I ask you?!

You must be thinking, “Oh my, what happened?” You would be correct in thinking thusly.

My beloved little boy has very sweetly requested that I make him a garment. He’s tired of hats and scarves, though he made sure to tell me he still loves them too and to keep them coming, but he wants his own mom-made sweater. He even told me he’d wear it no matter what, it doesn’t even have to fit, or be super cool.

So, I started to make a sweater in the simple tunisian stitch with dark (and I mean almost black it’s so dark!) purple fuzzy mohair laceweight yarn. One whole skein into the mix and  I’ve looked at the piece, I’ve had to free form to get the edges straight (I decreased on accident, and found the mistake too late, which is so my fault for staying up till four in the morning crocheting), and I am not sure I like the yarn for a sweater, not a straight sweater for a young man. I could make a really awesome lacey shawl, or a lacey cardigan to die for out of the yarn I have left, and that’s what the yarn kept screaming to be as I worked at this sweater he so anxiously awaits.

So tonight I went through my meager commercial yarn stash. You heard me, meager. I blow through a lot of yarn, and I don’t buy tons of yarn as a rule, I spin most of mine. Then I found some Regia sock yarn that I bought on clearance.

Hmmm. It’s washable, it’s a straight plain jane yarn, and it’s mostly wool. Ooooh, all qualities I like. It’s in a lovely rusty brown color, which looks so nice on my boy. So I’ve started over, in fact I’m even doing a different pattern entirely.

I’m using my old standard HDC, and basket weave to make up this sweater.

The mohair? It’s going to be either a lacey evening wrap or shawl, since I’m not seeing a lot of good lace patterns for shawls in crochet these days. I guess I’ll have to write one.

But for now, it’s the little poncho for my neice that I’ll be making (half way done), and my son’s sweater. I think he’ll love this, and I’m making it a little big so he can wear it for a while. He’s eleven and growing, a nice slouchy sweater can last for at least another growth spurt.

What about all that work I did with the first skein of mohair? Oh, well I have plans for that too, you see the International Free Form Guild is having another joint project, and that mohair is going to be the canvas on to which I “paint” my submission.

It’s all good!

Moral of this story:  It’s ok to stop if it’s not working, and free forming makes life a whole lot less full of guilt for doing so!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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