Darla Fanton ~ A fabulous teacher!

Well, more of my human error…note to self…do not write blog posts after a convention when you are bleary eyed and exhausted.

I spelled Darla Fanton’s name incorrectly, and I really did not do her class justice in my posts!

I took two of her courses as The Knit and Crochet Show in Oakland. The first class was Tunisian Crochet Entreloc Baskets (to felt or not) and the second was Tunsian Crochet Entreloc worked flat.

Both classes were phenominal. Granted I once again bit off more than a beginner should chew, but why break old habits? I had only practiced the tunisian crochet simple stitch. I have never been much attracted to tunisian crochet (also known as the afghan stitch) mainly for the fact that I had only really seen it used in afghans and home decor. Nothing wrong with those kinds of patterns, however those are the projects that I make the least.

I was a little slow in the class, because I could not switch my brain over from regular crochet to tunisian. I am very unaccostumed to crocheting slowly, I usually just crank out projects. I have been known to do five hat and scarf sets (in tapestry like fashion) in one evening. I am also not accustomed to taking crochet classes! In fact, this was the very first class I have ever taken on the subject.

That led to a little problem, you see normally when I am learning a new technique (in any kind of fiber art) I do it late at night when I can (without young ears present) work, mutter, and swear loudly and proficiently (in several languages I may add) as I try to perfect whatever it is that I am trying to learn. So, being in a class with other people, also trying to learn something, not being able to swear loudly and proficiently almost impeded my learning process! Who knew it was so much a part of my learning curve!

Anyway, Darla was so very patient. She did not mind repete questions, she treated each of us with equal consideration, patience, and skill. She is a zenful master of our craft, and I think I learned more about teaching from her than almost anything else.

I did not complete my basket, but then again, completing the project in the class was not my particular goal. Learning the technique was, and that I certainly did do!

The second class happened after lunch, and I had most certainly had taken a nap before hand. Lack of sleep the night previous had interrupted my brain function. So, the two hour power nap I believe played a huge roll in my being able to understand the process, and another three hours at Tunisian and Entreloc certainly made the difference!

Once again I was thrilled to work with her calm, masterfull presence. She is encouranging, kind, and generous in her skills and talents!

My only problem was working with the yarns suggested for the class. I do not in general, work a great deal with worsted weight yarns. I tend to work with dk weight, and of my own design and making. Luckily, I had brought a ball of my own homespun yarn, and once I started working with that everything proceeded beautifully!

Also, my yarn was beaded, and man we learned something FANTASTIC! In tunisian crochet, beads work to the front of the fabric EVERY SINGLE TIME! Except of course on the base chain, but hey, imagine that! No having to wrangle beads!

So here is Darla’s site and she teaches at The Knitting Bee in Portland, Or.

I highly suggest taking a class from her at any conference, or if you get the chance to see her in Portland!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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