Stitch Stirrers Prompt! Why do you do it?

The question has been asked…Why do you do it?

Why crochet?

Short answer: Because I love it.

Medium Answer: Because it is my heritage, and I feel connected to the beautiful women who taught me, and those who came before me that I never got to know.

Long Answer:

When I was a little girl, I was often told I was like my grandmother who died long before my birth. In fact, she died when my own mother was 8 years old.  Crochet and her eyes are what we have in common.

Every Sunday, I would stay at my great grandmother’s house and it was she who first taught me hand work (and my mulitplication tables, and made me read the classics) I was to be a well educated and well rounded young lady.

I enjoyed our time together, be it making lace, or embroidering hankies, or making yummy cream puffs (from scratch!).  Making things together was something she and I could do with little effort, she was 70 years older than I, and handwork was fast enough for me, and slow enough for her. It was a middle ground.

When she died, all I had of her besides some photos (which never really look like her to me, because they don’t have her real inner glow beaming out at me) was her handwork. Then, to my surprise my mother gave me some of her mother’s hand work. It’s all I have of Grandma Grace, who’s hand was so perfect, delicate and her lace was beyond compare.

On the other side of the family, time with my Great Aunt Alice was  spent making lace and ornaments, and it kept me out of trouble. She died last year, after seven years of battling stroke after stroke. My hand work, made out of my own yarns, comforted her in her final years. A gift I could give back to her after the frustrations of teaching me to make doilies all those years ago!

I do this, because I need that feminine tie to my own heritage. There is nothing destructive in my craft, it is pure creative energy, and I feel very linked to all of the women in my family each time I pick up a hook. It’s a way of being with the women who shaped my life!

And now, it is a way to share time with my teenage daughter, who also enjoys that cozy feeling, when our heads are bent over a project that needs fixing, and working together to solve it.

To me, making things, or more precisely; crocheting is love.


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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2 Responses to Stitch Stirrers Prompt! Why do you do it?

  1. robin says:

    Short answer:
    I love to create and it just seems to flow so easily (well, most times).

    Long answer: I love the feel of the yarn in my hands, I love to watch items take shape. My day job is not at all creative (except maybe for some of the spelling I see;)) so it’s good to be able to accomplish something. I like making gifts for people. As the above post put it much better (and sooner) than me – “crocheting is love”

  2. camanomade says:

    Vive the kinestetics of the world! YAY! And is not the creating of things so wonderful!

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