Some Revisions in The Secrets of Yarn Project (c)

Well, I’m counting down the days to the CGOA Regional Conference in Oakland, aka The Knit and Crochet Show…OOOOH I’m so excited.

 That and I’ve had some lovely yarn orders come in, the project guide and The Free Form Crochet Club are doing well too!  However, I have often written that I only have so many hours in the day! So, I have restructured things just a little bit. I will not be doing the Secrets of Yarn Project (c) Book on line, I am seeking a publisher, I will send out my submissions in late october. I know it will be great, but I just don’t have time to self publish like I am doing…SOOOOOOOO!

If you want to see me in print and learn the wonderful SECRETS! Please send me an email in support so I can send it to a publisher to show an interest.

 Just so you know… I will be writing one general Secrets of Yarn Project Book for all manner of media that use yarn AND a Secrets of Yarn Book which will be crochet specific.

Hopefully there will be a project book, more guides, and hopefully workshops that will come out of this…so if this is what YOU want to see…and I know it is! I’ve been listening to you folks! Please email me with a support letter 🙂 It helps the publishers understand there is a demand!

 Thank you all for being such great customers, loyal readers, and great friends!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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