Yarn and Crochet

So it’s obvious from my many other posts that I am indeed a handspinner AND a crocheter.

I have already posted my firm KNOWING that most crocheters have much better skill and ability than for which they give themselves credit.

So, as I clarify my own vision of how this project will work, I have come firmly to the decision that Crochet Sisters of Mine, you are who I am going to focus on as a group.

Crochet in all it’s aspects is one of the most versatile, creative forms of working with yarn.

What is missing from most people’s equations is a) Confidence

b) The right material.

So I can help with these two issues right here in the now!

If you use the correct yarn for a project, your confidence will rise.

Some times the yarn may be fine and dandy but doesn’t work with your hand…hey that’s ok! There are some yarns that a lot of people really enjoy using that I can’t use with out making a ton of frogging ventures. Likewise I enjoy yarn that others find difficult to use.

There is one rule: We are all different.

In that difference it may mean that we can create with seemingly impossibe odds.

So, here we go….

Find a yarn you LIKE and work with it…bet your projects turn out fantastic!

Now for some other news…I’m currently designing my shop website. In it you will find my handspun yarn, art yarn, fiber art, and secret of yarn guide! Once that’s all up and going I will have a subscription service to my book, The Secrets of Yarn(c).

The subscription will work like this, you will sign up and subscribe via paypal, and every month you will recieve an installment of the book! I haven’t decided the cost, or how big each installment will be… It will come in the email though.

Also, I will be setting up the Free Form Crochet Club where you can for a yearly subscription purchase membership to recieve fun goodies like scrumblini packs, bumper stickers, buttons and more!

So, just keep tuning in and I’ll announce it loud and proud when I have the baby up and running!


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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2 Responses to Yarn and Crochet

  1. Deneen says:

    Wow-can’t wait!

  2. camanomade says:

    Neither can I! LOL so off I go to code to code off to code I go!

    What I can’t do on my site I’ll pay a web designer to do 🙂 So fingers crossed no more than two weeks for the initial site to be functional. Ill post as soon as it’s up!

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