This Week’s Yarn Review~Phildar Eponge

phildar-piment.jpgAs promised here is this weeks yarn review. I decided instead of taking photos of the yarn with which I am working, I will place links. My main reason for this is I have a terrible camera, and my best attempts to photograph these fun yarns did not do them justice!

Phildar Eponge (eponge is the french work for sponge) has a terry cloth feeling to it. It’s essentially on the fine side of dk-ish weight and is a boucle. It’s got quite the blend of materials acrylic, polyamid,cotton, and elastine, which gives it a “drapey-bounce”.

My LYS has had some trouble moving the yarn, more or less because folks have been wondering what to make with it, so I have been given the charge of making a sock pattern. I am one footy into the sock pattern, and it’s turning out great! (My daughter is attempting to swipe the socks before they go into the store as an example piece!)

Currently I am using a clover d hook (only because I can’t find my c hook, and I have water tight tension!) to make the socks , it’s a fun, textured yarn, so I have kept my stiches simple. I am only using a half double crochet, decorative stitches won’t show up well due to the texture.

I chose to make footies (or anklet socks) because this is a great “sporty” look, it will be durable in the wear, it has a lot of stretch memory, but again it could drape well if used for a sweater.

Other possible uses I’ve thought of for crochet: Headbands, wrist bands, tube tops, light summer sweater (it would take a while given it’s a fine yarn).

The website for the Phildar company (based out of Belgium) has quite a few great knitting patterns for this yarn, sorely lacking for crochet (but don’t most companies lack the foresight to have us hookers in mind? That’s why we’re so creative!)

Will I choose to use this yarn again? Oh yes absolutely. It’s washable, it’s durable, it is a versatile yarn and comes in 22 colors!

Yarn Details:

Phildar Eponge (colors I am using are Clementine, Piment, and Primptemps, and Bermudes)

22 Colors

50 gr

142 yds

Needles: 5-6

Hook c-f

Machine Washable (air dry)

Affordable in the $6-$8 per skein range.


About thegoldenme

I love crochet and hand-spinning. I am visually impaired, and thus extremely tactile. I love texture and color, and creating things that feel good, and look good has made life richer and warmer.
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One Response to This Week’s Yarn Review~Phildar Eponge

  1. Janet Olmsted says:

    I bought 2 balls of Phildar Eponge about 2 years ago but couldn’t seem to knit with it. On an idle whim a few months ago I tried again and it was easy! I now have about 20 balls of various colors and am making a scarf for my grandson’s birthday. It’s so soft and vibrant it could be nice for baby things too. Now the problem is where to find it.

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